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About Dr. Becky

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Dr. Becky owns and operates, Equi-Balance.  “Straightening out crooked horses and riders,” she works to bring horses, people and dogs into balance. To accomplish this, she employs physical, intuitive and nutritional healing techniques. With a large number of long-time clients, Dr. Becky regularly travels to Colorado to perform healing treatments on all types of horses and their riders.

Dr. Becky has been in the education field  since 1974. She has worked as a P.E. and Health Education Instructor with youth from elementary school through college age.

In sports, she’s coached swimming, diving, basketball, track & field, fastpitch softball, field hockey and cross country running.  She’s taken high school and college teams to international competitions in Belgium and the Netherlands. Her teams competed against those countries as well as Russian and German teams.

Additionally, Becky McKee participated in a Chinese exchange program where she worked with Olympic sports medicine doctors at the Olympic training center.

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She has been the Physical Education teacher at Nevada City School of the Arts since 2007.



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Degrees & Certifications

B.S. –  University of Illinois – Physical Education, Math & Science

Masters Degree – University of Illinois – Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Ph.D. –  Clayton College – Holistic Nutrition

Certified in 13 modalities of Healing Arts  – ex: Reiki, Acupressure, Craniol Sacral, Tuiana & Hot Rock Massage

3 Responses to About Dr. Becky

  1. Joanne Sistek says:

    Hi, I am a friend of Dan Craig, he is my barefoot farrier, and he highly recommended your name to me. I need someone to look at my horses, particularly my 6 year old Andalusian. I would like to set up an appointment with you when you come to Colorado. I live in Franktown, CO. Joanne Sistek – ph: 303-663-2086

  2. Joanne Sistek says:

    Becky McKee appears to have an excellent background and credentials

  3. Anna Peckham says:

    Hi Becky!
    I am writing to introduce myself. I have recently finished equine massage school in elizabeth, co. My farrier, Dan Craig, recommended that I reach out to you. There is one horse at our barn in need of a session with you. I would also love the opportunity to observe your work when you are in Colorado.
    Thank You!
    Anna Peckham

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