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becky and drum video capture


Welcome to Cloud Walker Healing Ranch


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  1. Anne McMullen says:

    Hi Becky! Your website makes me smile……what a gift to have met you. I’m sending my email address through your website and hope it finds it’s way to you! Tambourine is doing really well and I’m hoping that what touch and love we’re giving her is helping. Finale had been doing great, we rode last night, then today she is limping:( I’ve tried calling Dan and will give Jennie a call tomorrow….And, while helping Finale tonight, I’ve lost my paper of exercise you wrote out for me! When you email me back, I’ll recreate what I’ve been doing and please feel free to add whatever you may remember. Hope you’re having a nice weekend and thank you for your healing! Anne McMullen

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Becky :)

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the camp fair in Nevada City last year. We wanted to do the camp, but we had conflicts with the dates. Anyway, do you teach horse riding lessons? I am looking for someone to assist my son in learning how to “talk” and ride horses. :) My son Alexander LOVES horses and has a natural connection with them. When we were going to his first riding lesson a couple years ago, he told me he already knew how to ride :) he just needed to learn how to talk with them. So, I am looking for an intuitive instructor to teach him of course to ride very well and talk with them :) If you don’t, could you recommend someone.


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